Drywipe Wide Tip

Plastic pen with a polyester bullet nib. Ink is available in black, red, blue, green with orange and brown available on request. Suitable for writing on whiteboards and flipchart pads. The marker has a very soft tip which is suitable for use on electronic/interactive whiteboards.

Technical Specification


Line Width
Write Length
Shelf Life 2 Years guaranteed
Private label Your own logo/company name can be printed on the markers (2000 min)
Environment/safety Ink is produced using high quality dyes is xylene free and non-toxic.
Quality Assurance Manufactured under Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 : 2008.
Dimensions 135mm length, 18mm diameter (at widest part of barrel)

Packaging - Markers can be packed in boxes of 10 (one colour) or wallets of 4 (black, red, blue, green barrel assorted).

Box of 10
Wallet of 4
Weight of 1 item 0.233kg 0.096kg
Total number of items in outer 100 x 10 200 x 4
Dimensions of outer (LxWxH) mm 460 x 305 x 388(mm) 460 x 305 x 388(mm)
Weight of packed outer 25kg 19.5kg


Nib Styles