Sureflow Medium Permanent Marker


Plastic pen with an acrylic bullet nib. Ink is permanent Sure-Flow and available in black, red, blue, green. Suitable for writing on paper, wood, plastic, glass and clean or painted metal. The pen will continue to write even after the cap has been left off for several days. The bullet nib is reversible, lengthening the life of the pen.


Technical Specification


Nib type/section
Line Width
Write Length
Chisel (wide section) 4.5mm 700m
Chisel (fine section) 1.5mm 900m
Shelf Life 2 Years guaranteed
Private label Your own logo/company name can be printed on the markers (2000 min)
Environment/safety The markers have ventilated safety caps, ink is produced using high quality dyes and is non-toxic, xylene free and low odour.
Quality Assurance Manufactured under Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 : 2008.
Dimensions 135mm length, 18mm diameter (at widest part of barrel)

Packaging - Markers can be packed in boxes of 10 (one colour) or wallets of 4 (black, red, blue, green assorted)

Box of 10
Wallet of 4
Weight of 1 pack 0.233kg 0.096kg
Total no. of items in outer 100 x 10 200 x 4
Dimensions of outer (LxWxH) mm 460 x 305 x 388 (mm) 460 x 305 x 388 (mm)
Weight of packed outer 25kg 19.5kg


Nib Styles