Metal markers & ink

Metal marker

Suitable for marking on metal and a variety of non porous surfaces. The ink has been formulated for durability, resistantance to most oils, solvents, and weathering. The stainless steel head is easy to use on dirty, greasy, or rusty surfaces. A 2.4mm ball tip provides accurate marking. Replaceable tips are also available in packs of 10. Metal markers are available in yellow, blue, red, white, green, black and orange.

Line Width Write Length
5mm 400m
Shelf Life 2 Years guaranteed
Private label Your own logo/company name can be printed on the markers (5000 min)
Environment/safety Bottles are made from a tough material which will not split like many "toothpaste" tube designs.
Quality Assurance Manufactured under Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2015.
Packaging - Markers can be packed in boxes of 10 (one colour or assorted).
  Box of 10
Total number of items in outer (bottles complete with heads) 25 x 10
Weight of packed outer 19 - 24kg 
metal marker ink

Suremark metal ink

Suremark metal markers are refillable using our handy 1 litre refill tins. The tin features a pull out spout for ease of refilling. The full range of colours are available.

Each tin will fill approximately 20 markers