Quality and Environmental Policy

Industrial Services (York) Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest standards in all our activities to provide a
quality service to meet and exceed our clients’ and other interested parties’ expectations and requirements.
We aim to do this in a responsible and considerate manner, to benefit the natural environment, our
stakeholders, our employees and the business as a whole.
Key to our commitment to continual improvement is the goal of understanding, and meeting, both the needs
of our clients and the natural environment, thereby achieving client satisfaction in a sustainable manner. Our
aim is to do things right, first time, every time, and to this end we aspire to:

  • Continually understand and fulfil the changing requirements and expectations of our clients and other
    interested parties in a constructive and sustainable manner; thereby achieving client satisfaction and
    compliance with all regulatory, statutory and other requirements as a minimum;
  • Understand what constitutes acceptable standards, through the setting, monitoring and reviewing of
    client and environmentally focused objectives and targets, and ensure these are communicated to all
    persons working on our behalf;
  • Continually working towards preventing pollution, protecting the environment and assisting our sub-
    contractors to work in a similarly environmentally conscientious manner;
  • Maintain dialogue with our clients, employees and other stakeholders;
  • Control, communicate and review all of our processes that are crucial to delivering client satisfaction, and
    achieving compliance with all regulatory, statutory and other requirements, notably through the
    implementation and maintenance of our Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • Provide a working environment to encourage employees at all levels to direct their abilities to the
    continued success of the organisation, the interests of the natural environment and the satisfaction of
    clients, as well as their own personal fulfilment.

Industrial Services (York) Ltd is committed to achieving continual improvement of both its performance and
the effectiveness of its processes, as contained within its IMS, and to comply with the requirements of ISO
9001:2015. Adhering to these will allow us to understand, control and enhance how we meet the needs of our
clients, and interact with and impact on the environment.
The Managing Director is accountable for the effective implementation of this policy, and the wider QMS, but
with the assistance and commitment of all employees within their specific area of responsibility.
Industrial Services (York) Ltd will seek to embed this policy into ‘business as usual’ activities, and will
communicate them to all our employees, any persons working on our behalf and other interested parties, via
our QMS and website. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the
business, and reflects new developments, changes in legislation and feedback from clients, persons working on
our behalf and other interested parties.

Richard King
Managing Director